Show Calendar 2019 - Sponsored Meets
The American Buckeye Poultry Club
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National Meet
Ohio National in Columbus. OH November 9-10.  
This is also the APA Annual this year

District Meets
Southwestern District Meet 1 – Caddo River Poultry Club in Glenwood, AR March 30

Southwestern District Meet 2 – Heart of America in Hutchinson, KS April 13-14

Central District Meet – Michigan Poultry Fanciers Fowl Fest in Birch Run Michigan
October 12-13

Western District Meet - TBA

Southeastern District Meet – Dixie Classic in Knoxville, TN December 7-8

Northeastern District Meet – Northeastern Poultry Congress in West Springfield,
Massachusetts January 19-20

State Meets
Texas State Meet – North Texas Poultry Showcase in Dallas, TX March 2
American Buckeye Poultry Club Scheduled Meets 2019