I got my first birds when we bought a farmette in Louisiana
    in 2000. I’d never been around poultry before, but loved the
    thought of having a few birds and some fresh eggs to cook
    with. So I got three Ameraucanas from the feed store, and
    discovered how much I enjoyed watching them as they
    roamed the yard and did their “chicken-y” thing. Over the
    years I’ve had a variety of birds from the feed store, but in
    2012, after seeing some Buckeyes at the Denver Stock
    Show, I decided I wanted to get some, which I ordered from
    a hatchery. I hadn’t even thought about breeding chickens at
    that time – I just wanted some nice birds that would be dual-
    purpose, suitable for our climate, and pretty.

    My first six Buckeyes turned out to include 2 roosters, which
    were a first for me, and got me started thinking about
    breeding my own. They were friendly and curious and easy
    to keep. I made a leap and ordered chicks from Sharon
    Fildes, and this year I'll be adding to my flock with chick's
    from Baker's Acres. I haven't participated in a lot of shows,
    and where we did show, we were the only Buckeyes there.
    But we did take Champion American at one show for the
    cockerel one day, and Champion and Reserve Champion
    American with two pullets as well.

    Since getting my first breeder hatched Buckeyes, I have sold  
    a limited number of both chicks and hatching eggs, and I
    have kept a number of chicks for myself to work with. I’ve
    got a lot to learn, but there are so many good mentors in our
    area, as well as in the American Buckeye Poultry Club

    I like to raise my birds as “yard birds” and not show birds.
    They have a large yard to run around in, with lots of lilacs to
    hide under. I’ve been “trampled” by chickens as a goose
    flew over one day and they mistook the shadow for a hawk
    and went scattering to the safety of the shrubbery. I love
    how instinctive they are! I find it very difficult to coop train
    them for shows, and I don’t ever expect to be very good at
    showing because of that. But I like to get the birds out there
    and get the feedback from the judges.

    About me – I was born in California, but moved to Colorado
    in 1975 after spending several summers here. I grew up in
    Indian Hills, outside of Denver. I was in 4-H for horses and
    spent most of my free time riding through the Open Space
    areas around out town. I graduated from CSU in Chemical
    Engineering, and have worked both in industry and
    consulting. I work part time now, which gives me plenty of
    time to play with the birds and to garden and volunteer with
    CSU extension as a Master Gardener.

    So I’m really new to this poultry breeding and showing thing,
    but I’ve met some really nice people, and I enjoy the birds
    immensely. Especially my curious Buckeyes!  The birds and
    I currently live on the Front Range of Colorado just north of
    Denver with my husband Michael, our two dogs Moki and
    Dolly, and the kitten Kraken.
Loni Gaudet's Bio
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